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It is difficult to be in the sights of the stones, but it is part of the artist's life, today I leave you these six recommendations to survive the most difficult criticisms (Tears permitted!)

You make an effort, you work hard, you carry out projects putting your heart, sweat and tears at times, but, there is the blessed social network, like right here on Facebook!, YouTube, and all the comments of your followers; waiting for the easy part of the job: criticize! But today I want to share some tips to take advantage of negativity (and move on!)

1. Negative criticism can be an opportunity to learn!

Many of my early work in photography received harsh criticism, mainly from those followers who are "sofa professionals", they have little to offer, but when it comes to "commenting" you better be prepared. With the video clips, things were worse, since they are more tangible works, also more open to free interpretation. But the good thing about all this is that I learned to listen and pay attention mainly to negative criticism with a technical or fundamental background. Many times interpreting people's comments to learn everything you can from them is the best way, because for the next time, your margin of error will be a little smaller.

2. Negative reviews can hurt you, so you better feel hurt!

I don't mean that you have to feel the hit. Someone said that your baby is very ugly ! Give yourself permission to get angry. After the anger passed. Look at your baby again. Maybe you actually have a really ugly baby 🤣. But, it is important to learn to recognize the fact that critical people are not always going to appreciate what comes from you, after all, a critic's comments are free of all kinds of sympathy. That is why it is important to recognize for oneself that the result of what we produce will not always be to the liking of the majority ... which leads me to:

3. Don't forget, not everyone will like you

Mathematically speaking, most of the people who hear or see your work will appreciate the result in a personal way, some will like it, others will not. At one end will be your fans but at the other will be your most loyal Haters! So don't be bad because not everyone thinks you are the new Tarantino. As Abraham Lincoln would say: "It is not possible to please all people all the time"

4. Comentários malos pueden ayudar a incrementar el poder SEO de tu site. 

Think about this: If a blog or Fan Page with a huge traffic criticizes your work, when someone makes a post including a Link for the video of your video on YouTube, or your page on Facebook, they will only increase the strength of your SEO (SEO: Search engine optimization). And as your site goes up in Google search results, no one needs to know that it was a negative review that "gave you a hand" (After all, you are not going to share those bad reviews on your own site, and after weeks or months, those criticisms will not go beyond an old news story).

5. Don't forget to be a nice person!

Good time to act like a pro! or at least polite... When someone makes a negative review. If you choose retaliation. You take the risk that your way of acting spread to the rest of your audience. You are not forced to answer to everyone who thinks you are a bad filmmaker!

6. Be "cool" and confident

If someone criticizes your work, it is not the time for you to start answering long speeches on Facebook, or open a debate for any fuss. Professionals are professionals precisely because they are not carried away by the emotions that arise after someone said something bad about their work. Don't forget, being spoiled can ruin a lot of the trust you are building with your audience.

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